Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enhancements to News Resources

NewsBank, inc. has been one of the world’s premier information providers for more than 35 years. They will soon release an enhanced interface that significantly improves search results across their unrivaled local, national and international newspaper content. These enhancements to our news products, including —Australia's Newspapers, Access UK and Ireland Newspapers, Access World News—will go live on January 7, 2008.
Researchers using news databases are frequently overwhelmed by excessive or unrelated search returns. The solution: intuitive tools that narrow or refine the focus of a search to quickly produce specific, useful results. These new features, developed with an advisory board of librarians from around the world, enable users to:
  • more quickly and efficiently navigate through millions of articles
    tailor searches by specific source, one or multiple geographic locations, source types and more
  • further refine search returns by title, date, source type or location with a single click
  • explore timelines on specific topics or events to understand at a glance how coverage has changed over time
  • compare different viewpoints and uncover differences in news coverage across locations and time periods

This service is available to Galway Public Library members through our website here. You will need to login using the barcode on your library membership card

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