Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gort Library ‘George Russell A.E. - Poet, Painter, Nationalist, Mystic, Economist and Journalist’

The first in a series of talks on the lives of signatories of the Autograph Tree at Coole brought to you by the Lady Gregory and Yeats Heritage Trail Group
‘George Russell A.E. - Poet, Painter, Nationalist, Mystic, Economist and Journalist’

presented by Pearl Finn, Vedic Astrologer

Time: 7.30pm

Date: Wed. 27th February

Venue: Gort Public Library

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The patience of a little borrower in Athenry Library

Last Saturday (Feb 2nd) was very, very busy here in the library in Athenry.  I was continuously checking in and out books and directing people to shelves for the books they were looking for.  There was a constant queue at the desk.
Every now and again I could hear a little voice saying “Can you get a Princess book for me”.  As I was too busy to even look in the direction of the voice, I just ignored it.  I answered the phone and dealt with everyone as quickly as I could.
Finally there was a lull and I looked over to the corner of my desk and there was a little girl with her hand under her chin waiting for me.  She said in a low little voice, “Can you get a Princess book for me”.  This little girl had been standing at the desk for over half an hour waiting for me to get her a book about princesses.
Finally I could leave my chair and took the little girl over to the picture books and prayed I would find a princess book for her!  I eventually got her a pink Princess Poppy book and she was very happy.  She took it over to her dad and little sister who were sitting down near the Easy Reader shelf and were also looking for a book about princesses!  She said, “the lady found it for me, and I can bring it home”.
Imelda Hussey,
Branch Librarian, Athenry Library.

Our thanks to Laurie Mahaffey, Deputy Director of "Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide" http://www.ctls.net/   who described Imelda's account in the following way: "Precious story. Such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing it!"