Saturday, December 08, 2007

Literature in Libraries

Since its foundation in 1995, 'Markings' has evolved into one of Scotland’s most popular literary magazines. Its content addresses poetry, fiction, contemporary art, criticism and reviews, including both commissioned and unsolicited material. Editorial policy is to feature writers and artists from southern Scotland, alongside their counterparts from around the world. A significant portion of each issue is dedicated to one writer and artist, enabling them to present a representative body of work.

Markings has teamed up with Bibliographic Data Services Ltd (BDS) to create the BDS Literature in Libraries scheme which involves searching for new talent in poetry and short story writing from writers who are in any way associated with libraries. Further information can be had by contacting the magazine here.

The current edition (Issue 25 October 2007), is available in Galway City Library. It includes contributions from performances made at this years Kiltimagh Literary Festival: Insight of Rafteri featuring Over the Edge poets Kevin Higgins and Susan Miller Du Mars.

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