Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heritage week in Gort Library

Heritage week in Gort library 18th – 25th August 2012

Weaver, Eamon Perkins will be displaying his handcrafted textiles at Gort library during heritage week and from 12pm to 3pm on Saturday 25th August, Eamon will be in the library to give a weaving demonstration and to explain the processes of weaving from selecting fleeces to dying, spinning and weaving.

Eamon uses the loom that once belonged to well loved artist Angela Coen, who once resided in the square in Gort in the building that housed the old gallery café.

Thomas Coyne’s exhibition Bespoke History continues during heritage week at Gort library.  Coyne’s earthy and textual pieces are a conceptual approach of events which have shaped our history.

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