Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Galway City Library - 'Life Lessons from the Great Books'

This Tuesday night at 6.00pm in Galway City Library we continue the series of talks entitled Life Lessons from the Great Books, when Sanja Bentz, a student from Saarland University, Germany, looks at writings by Euripides and Von Strassburg
The Medea by Euripides, produced in 431 BC, tells the story of the jealousy and revenge of a woman betrayed by her husband. Euripides shocked his audience with this play which showed that even the purest emotions can become destructive
In Von Strassburg's Tristan and Isolde we hear about the overwhelming power of love to make people abandon codes of honour and betray those to whom they owe the most.

The event takes place in Galway City Library, Augustine Street, on Tuesday night August 14th at 6.00pm and concludes at about 6.45pm. Admission is free.

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