Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mystery in Oranmore Library

Oranmore library recently held a day of mystery for its members. Borrowers were encouraged to borrow a book specially selected by the Library staff. There was a twist however- all the books were wrapped in brown paper so that library members had no idea what they were bringing home with them.

Adults and children alike willingly took the plunge and were pleasantly surprised to find books they may never have chosen by themselves. Many borrowers reported back that they found authors they had never heard of, or tried new genres such as poetry or biographies.

Don’t you love the feeling that you get when a parcel arrives in the post or somebody gives you a specially wrapped p

resent? Everybody was very excited to bring home their unique gift of a book specially selected and wrapped by our librarians in Oranmore.

Along with our mystery check out we also had a Good Reads

Wall. Library members were asked to add a post-it the wall of authors the loved and hated. We had three categories:

Treat; What would you read as a treat?

Challenge: What was your most challenging read?

Bargepole: What wouldn’t you touch with a bargepole?

Everyone loved taking part and our Bargepole Wall in particular generated lots of discussion and controversy.

Watch out for our next mystery day in the library coming soon!

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