Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clifden Library - Write a Book Competition

Seven students of St. Caillin's National School in Aillebrack, took part in the "Write a Book" Competition 2011 Students range from 3rd to 6th Class. All seven books were presented to Clifden Library on Tuesday the 28th June.
The books will be on display in Clifden Library for the summer.

Outside Clifden Library with their Books;
Tadgh O'Neill - Ryans Story, Francesca Mc Donagh - Sweet Pea Valley, Grainne King - The True Story of Goldilocks, Amy Roberts - Amy's Favourite Foods, Eimear Roche - Animal Pourquoi Tales, Oscar Coneys- Max is Lost and Alone, Celia O'Neill - A Long Book of Poems & Short Stories

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