Saturday, October 10, 2009

Positive Ageing Week in Ballybane Library

Positive Ageing Week was officially launched in Ballybane Library, by the Mayor of Galway City, Cllr. Declan McDonnell,

and the Deputy Mayor of Galway County, Cllr. Bridie Willers.

A full programme of events to celebrate the week was held around the city and county. The Age Action 2009 Positive Ageing Photography Exhibition was displayed in Ballybane Library from Friday 18th September

to Saturday 3rd October. One of the photographs on display features our

esteemed colleague, Máire Breathnach,branchlibrarian in Spiddal. The photo

also features Máire’s husband Padraic andgrandchildren, and was taken while on

holidays in Seattle ,Washington.

Creative Writers from the “Journeys” Creative Writing Group read from their work. The “Journeys” Creative Writers meet in

Galway city library . Music and refreshments were provided.

Photo 1: Máire Breathnach and her daughter Mairead

Photo 2: Mrs Carmel Sheeran reading . Mr Michael Lynskey, King of

the Claddagh, in the background

Photo 3:Mr Gerry McGough, ESB Customer

Supply, Mayor of Galway city, Cllr. Declan

McDonnell, King of the Claddagh

Mr. Michael Lynskey at the microphone, Pete

Mullineaux, Tutor, Journeys Creative Writing Classes


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