Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cinema in Gort Library

Where: Gort Public Library
Doors open @ 8 pm

24th September. The Visitor (2008)
Sixty-two-year-old Walter Vale (Jenkins) is sleepwalking through his life. Having lost his passion for teaching and writing, When his college sends him to Manhattan to attend a conference, Walter is surprised to find a young couple has taken up residence in his apartment. Victims of a real estate scam, have
nowhere else to go. In the first of a series of tests of the heart, Walter reluctantly allows the couple to stay with him.
Language: English. By Tom McCarthy.

15th October. Quiet Chaos (2008)
A gentle psychological drama directed by Antonello Grimaldi. Moretti stars as Pietro, a film executive whose life takes an irreversible and devastating turn one fateful morning. During a trip to the beach with his brother, Pietro's path intersects with that of a woman, Eleonora who is drowning in the ocean; horrified, Pietro rushes in to save her. He subsequently returns home only to discover that his wife, Lara, just died in a nasty falling accident. Language: Italian, English subtitles By Antonello Grimaldi.

26th November. Lemon Tree (2008)
A multifaceted drama straddling the Palestinian-Israeli divide that's full of irony, generosity, anger and pure crowd-pleasing optimism. Setting is Zur HaSharon, on the Israel-West Bank border, where handsome 45-year-old widow Salma Zidane from a Palestinian village, has a lemon grove her father planted half a century ago. When smooth new Israeli Defense Minister Israel Navon decide to build an upscale new house for him and his wife Mira right up against the grove, on the Israeli side of the fence. Salma's lemon trees are deemed a defense risk. Language: Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles. Director:Eran Ricklis.

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