Saturday, October 18, 2008

John Joe McDonagh Exhibition at Galway City Library

The City Library in Augustine Street is a public space in the city. It is a public space without obligations which is open to anybody. It is a space where anyone is free to come in and sit and read. The library occasionally houses art exhibitions.

Currently on exhibition is the work of John Joe McDonagh.

John Joe McDonagh was born in Galway. He started painting on entering The Tech on Fr. Griffin Road as a student and has been painting since.

John Mulhern was John Joe’s first Art Teacher. John Joe has many fond memories of Mr. Mulhern and his early painting days. The first year in school John got him to enter the Caltex Art Competition and JJ was rewarded with first prize in the Under 16 section. His prize was a box of oil paints and paint brushes.

Painting became part of his life. It still plays a big part in his every day life and most of his waking hours are spent with brush in hand. You name it, JJ paints it.

Boats and the sea were his first themes; then it was mountains, hills and valleys, rivers and lakes and the delights of the seashore. He finds painting very therapeutic and gets a great buss from it. He is a great student of art and had taught at Cregal Art and in Ivors of Terryland.

The exhibition of his work which is currently on display in Galway City Library is the product of his rehabilitation after having a leg amputated.

The exhibition continues until October 31st. If you are in the city be sure to make your way to Augustine Street and see this exhibition.

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