Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Storyteller Eddie Lenihan visits Tuam Library as part of ‘Bealtaine Festival’

The Bealtaine Festival takes place each May and is a celebration of creativity in older people. Bealtaine, the Irish word for May, is also the name of an ancient Celtic festival celebrating springtime. Our Bealtaine festival celebrates older age as a time for creativity and growth. It offers opportunities to participate in the arts at every level, and to celebrate the work of older artists.

Eddie Lenihan visited Tuam Public Library as part of the Bealtaine Festival and delighted his listeners with stories from a bygone age. He told stories of little people, fairy forts, Biddy Early and customs that are now almost forgotten.

Over 35 people attending this session with members present from the Tuam Active Retirement Group, Tuam writer’s group, book club and St. Benin’s Traveller Centre. Everyone really enjoyed the session.

The Bealtaine Festival has grown every year since its inception in 1996. It covers all art forms including theatre, literature, dance, film, storytelling, music, painting and sculpture, debate and critical events.

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