Saturday, May 24, 2008

Laura Restrepo

Laura Restrepo is a writer from Bogota in Colombia. She has written books with such wonderful titles as The Angel of Galilea, Delirium, and The Aroma of Invisible Roses.
As a writer and as an artist she wants us to know that anyone reading a piece of text who can say:
"this is the face of humanity, this is the smell of the sea, or this is the flavour of love, can understand the meaning of being alive and living on earth."
Words, she says, give answers to many of our personal questions.
"Literature offers us the gift of an oblique view, it summons light and darkness, the universe and a human face." It is "an epiphany that opens doors from above and also within, and enables us to extract that which is essential in us."
In our libraries we try to build book collections which reflect the philosophy and ideas of Laura Restrepo.

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