Thursday, April 07, 2016

Roger Casement and Galway in 1916 - Galway City Library

Roger Casement and Galway in 1916

On Thursday 7th April between 6-8 pm in Galway City Library the Liam and Tom O'Flaherty society will host a lecture on Roger Casement and Galway in 1916 to be presented by Angus Mitchell, the foremost authority on Casement.
Angus Mitchell, who was born in Africa and educated in England, has lived for over two decades in Ireland, where he has studied the life and legacy of Roger Casement and a group of associated radicals, pacifists, feminists, cosmopolitan nationalists, internationalists and other critics of empire. To date, his published research has focused largely on Roger Casement's work in Africa and South America.

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