Thursday, April 09, 2015

Clifden Library Exhibition

Ahead of his new exhibition in Clifden library, artist John Brennan explains the importance of the Caribbean La Ceiba tree in his work.
The ‘La Ceiba’ tree is a prolific but not common tree in the Caribbean area – the specimen I enjoy using as my motif is a 275-plus year old, massive tree covered with prickly spear growth on its trunk and root system. The canopy spread is about 100 feet across, while the root system extends about 35 to 40 feet or more.
It is the roof and lower structure that fascinates me – I have gone back to Vieques, Puerto Rico, for about 10 years for a painting-drawing holiday. I work from many other objects while there, but it’s the tree keeps pulling me back.
The tree itself is becoming metaphor for me in that its forms are becoming more symbolic of human form – I find I now am searching for a way of seeing it out of context, using my mind’s eye to simply imagine it and see what happens.
It remains to be seen where this might lead – or if I have the courage to pursue where it may go!
John Brennan’s exhibition runs at Clifden Library from March 24-April 25

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