Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Green-Schools Sustainable Travel Poster display in Tuam library

Be green be seen this Winter

Deputy Mayor of Tuam Larry Bane officially launched the Green-Schools Sustainable Travel poster display in Tuam library on November 5th 2013. The five schools participating in the poster display are Belmont N.S., Milltown; Kilconly N.S., Kilconly; St. Colman’s N.S., Cummer; Scoil Naomh Fursa, Claran, Headford and St. Vincent’s N.S., Collarne. The posters depict environmentally-friendly modes of school transport to school, including walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transport as an alternative to the private car on the school run. In promoting sustainable travel to school the Green-Schools Travel programme aims to increase the health and fitness of the school community, improve safety on the journey to school, reduce traffic congestion at the school gates and reduce the school’s carbon footprint. There were 18,000 less students coming to school by car per day in schools participating in the Green-Schools travel programme last year; this is enough people to fill 50 luas trams.
Deputy Mayor Larry Bane opened the proceedings by welcoming everyone. He complimented the participants on the high standard of their work. He recounted that as a child he always walked to school in Caherlistrane, and he had lots of fun with his friends along the school route picking berries and nuts. He also praised the wonderful work that is being done by Green-Schools and the Environmental Education Unit in the Councils to promote environmental education.
CaitrĂ­ona Cunningham, Green-Schools Education Officer, advised participants to be safe and seen when cycling or walking this winter by always wearing reflective clothes or a pair of reflective armbands which will be seen from a distance. You are visible to a driver 500 feet away when you are wearing reflective clothing compared to just 55 feet away when wearing dark colours. CaitrĂ­ona also recommended that all cyclists and walkers carry a flashlight or flashing safety strobes. If you’re a cyclist, by law you must have a light in front and a red reflector in the back before sunrise and after sunset. 
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