Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Lady Gregory Autumn Gathering with Over the Edge in Gort Library

The Over The Edge: Open Readings in Galway City Library are famed for their large, supportive audiences. 

During the past decade many now established writers have taken their first early steps at these legendary readings. The venue for these readings since their inception in 2003 has always been Galway City Library.
This year’s Lady Gregory Autumn Gathering will include a special Over The Edge: Open Reading which will take place at Gort Public Library on Thursday, October 3rd, 7pm.
The Featured Readers are Bernie Crawford, Anthony O’Brien & Marie Cadden. There will as is usual at Over The Edge events be an open-mic after the Featured Readers have finished. Everyone who has a poem or page or two of a story they’d like to try out on an audience is most welcome to come along and participate.

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