Saturday, June 15, 2013

The books and libraries of our lives

During the Madrid Book Fair, which is currently underway, El Pais the Spanish newspaper is inviting readers to pay tribute to "the books and to the libraries of our lives."
For the next week they are publishing, in a section entitled “The library of my life," some of the reports and pictures which their readers are sending in.

Here is the choice of one of their readers:
1- Elisa María Sosa, from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

2- Profession - Doctor in Latin American Literature. Teacher.

3- Why does she like reading?
“Since I was young, reading has been a passion for me. Through it, not only do I access knowledge, but I can also discover the complicities and conversations that transcend time and space. There is an enrichment that doesn’t have borders, it is my daily drinking trough.

4- What kind of literature do you prefer? 
  Essays and novels.

5- What is the place of your library and how is it organized?

My library is quite big and it takes up a full room. It is an area created to enjoy literature (good armchairs, white light and music). The books are classified according to the subject/theme, country and author so we can find Spanish, Latin American and Universal Literatures as well as reference works.

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