Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Tuam Hunger Strike of 1978 remembered in Tuam Library

Almost a hundred people were in attendance Saturday the 9th of March in Tuam library to hear Dr. Gabriel O’Connor deliver a much anticipated talk on the Tuam Hunger Strikes of 1978.
All though all of the principal protagonists involved , former Tuam Town Commissioners Harold Campbell & Joe Burke, and Brian McNamara of the Tuam Chamber of Commerce are now departed, numerous members of their families, including many of their grandchildren were present. Dr. O’Connor gave an impressive on lecture on the exciting events of April 1978 . The Hunger Strike was undertaken by two town commissioners and a member of the Tuam Chamber Commerce and lasted almost seven days, the aims of which were to avert the removal of the rail link to Tuam and the withdrawal of major industries.

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