Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Survey shows that citizens regard Libraries as more important than Air quality

In the  VitalSigns survey, conducted by the Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI), and published on Wednesday, respondents reported  Libraries as being of great importance to them, even ahead of Air quality.
The Respondents to the Citizens’ Survey reported the following issues as being the top ten most important issues to them out of 119 options:
1. The quality of the education system
2. Literacy levels
3. Universities and third level education
4. Early childhood development
5. Libraries and reading
6. Air quality
7. Numeracy levels
8. Home life of children and young people
9. Educational attainment rates
10. Lifelong learning

 The report’s author, Ruth Cullen, said the survey’s overall findings were positive:
“Our main priorities are learning, environment and young people, and these are all forward-thinking sustainable priorities, and a welcome change to the fast living and reckless decision-making of the recent past.”

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