Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Learning to Fly in Dunmore Library

This is a young girl in the Dunmore Library holding a book entitled For Those Who Want to Fly.
The Library Service is there for all those who want to fly!

This book of beautiful illustrations and text depicts a newly born bird going through life stages...the kind of life stages we all go through. The young bird falls several times before it eventually flies: as the book says: "Falling down can help us free ourselves from the superfluous".

Nurturing literacy and the imagination does transform people‘s lives: or as that great Italian writer Anna Maria Ortese put it: “the more books you read, the better you might express yourself.” She observed that “the possession of a means of self-expression – a means of self-expression and an education in its use - might provide us sometimes with what she called ‘a parachute in life’.”

That is what the Library Service tries to do...tries to teach us all to fly and provides us with a parachute whenever we hit turbulence!

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