Saturday, September 03, 2011

Tuam Arts Festival Exhibitions in the Library

Stephen Quinn is an artist working in metal for over a decade in the West of Ireland. He views iron as a functional bridge between natural and functional forms, drawing from influences in European Nouveau style and the contemporary landscape around him.

"In Arthur Danto's book Nietzsche as Philosopher he discusses the idea of idem potency, the idea that every cell in the body, not just the brain, retains memories, both individual and collective."
The artist creates cell like structures and incorporates found objects in these organic felted vessels. Texture, colour and detail play an important part in these pieces.

Jim Kavanagh is a London born, Galway based artist. He has had numerous successful shows both in the U.K. and Ireland.
Jim's paintings are formed using techniques (scumbling and glazing)of the old masters Rembrandt and Turner. He creates his own responses to landscapes and skyscapes, creating timeless images invoking a sense of place both real and imaginary.

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