Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ballinasloe Library and Europe Direct Centre Summer Reading and Arts Project

The Summer Reading and Arts project runs parallel with Ballinasloe Library and Europe Direct Centre's normal Summer Reading Club. The AIMS of this project are;

  • To encourage an awareness and appreciation of Europe and European issues through exploring stories from different countries and cultures.
  • To encourage an appreciation and interest in books and reading.
  • To encourage tolerance and acceptance of difference.
  • To have FUN!!
  • To learn new creative skills
  • To encourage personal and group development.
Participants/Numbers :Young people aged 7-11 yrs
Book Reading - Open Attendance
Wednesday Workshops - Max 15 per group.Booking is recommended
  • Book Reading -Tuesday,12th July-11.30am-12.30pm
  • Workshop 1 - Wednesday 3rd August-11.30-1pm
  • Workshop 2 - Wednesday 10th August-11.30-1pm
  • Workshop 3 - Wednesday,17th August-11.30-1pm
Programme Synopsis;
The Book Read session will introduce the theme of Tales of Europe and will include songs, movement, stories and folk tales from different European traditions/cultures.Wednesday workshops will introduce 2 stories in greater depth.The group will explore where the story comes from, the writer,original written language and relevant cultural traditions.Participants will be given the opportunity to design and create their own book cover relating to the stories using assorted papers,pens,collage materials etc. The designs will be exhibited in the library with information about the original text.
Writers will include Astrid Lindgren- Sweden, The Brothers Grimm- Germany,Hans Christian Anderson-Denmark, Tove Jansson- Finland, Alf Proysen-Norway as well as more traditional folk tales from Europe.

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