Saturday, November 27, 2010

Art Exhibition By Poet Edward Lee in Galway City Library

Playing Poohsticks: Part One
An Art Exhibition: at Galway City Library.1st - 21st December 2010

Inspired by the poems of his first collection, Playing Poohsticks On Ha'PennyBridge(Spider Press, 2009), the artist Edward Lee is proud to present the first part of a quartet of exhibitions spanning the next four years. The first exhibition will take place in Galway City Library, St. Augustine Street.
The quartet will be a reflection of each of the 60 poems contained in the collection. For the first exhibition, the artist will present the first 15 paintings in the series, alongside the poems that inspired them.

All of the paintings on exhibit will be for sale for 60 euro each and will include a copy of the poetry collection signed by the author. For the duration of the exhibition, the book will also be available to purchase for the special exhibition price of 6 euro.
Opening Night & wine reception will be Thursday 9th December 2010 from 6.30 ~ 8.00pm

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