Thursday, April 03, 2008

East Galway Art Trail in Galway Public Libraries

East Galway Art Trail is an innovative idea that is concerned with art awareness and library awareness. Its objective is to bring art and artist into the community by using the space available in rural libraries. These artists are working and living within local communities; by bringing both the artist and the libraries together, small communities can benefit from the enjoyment of art and engage with their library’s facilities. The art trail aims to make art accessible to everyone in the community; that is the intention that Galway County Library staff, who are based in the East Galway area, and Joyce Little, a local Ballinasloe artist, had when they worked together to bring this project to fruition.

The six artists involved in art trail are Kevin Doherty, Astrid Hofmann, Emily Rainsford, Grellan Ganly, Heidi Reich and Mary Redfern; they are locals of East Galway making a livelihood through their work.

Kevin Doherty is a Galway/Mayo artist and is a highly skilled portrait painter. His collection of work encompasses many of our great Irish writers and also many contemporary Irish figures, as well as many well-know cultural significant faces. Doherty’s solo exhibition is in Killimor library, 7th April 7 p.m. and will run for two weeks.
Astrid Hofmann is originally from Germany and relocated to Ireland in 1979. Hofmann’s artistry lies in the making of felt and silk painting; having won recognition in Ireland and abroad since her return to the Arts as a professional in 1986. Hofmann’s solo exhibition is in Woodford library 8th April 7 p.m. and will run for two weeks.

Emily Rainsford has received training in Crawford College Co. Cork and Cluain Mhuire (GMIT). Her art concerns itself with the impact of immediate surroundings, its history, mythology and language attached to place. Rainsford has exhibited nationally and is currently teaching adult art classes in Galway and Mayo. Rainsford’s solo exhibition is in Portumna library 9th April 7 p.m. and will run for two weeks.

Grellan Ganly is a Ballinasloe artist, working in the medium of Ceramics and paint. His art is a playful but potent dialogue between fantasy and reality, colourfully depicting the fragility but also the innovation of the mind. Ganly’s solo exhibition is in Eyrecourt library 10th April 7 p.m. and will run for two weeks.

Heidi Reich is a German native now located in Peterswell Co.Galway. She is a graduate of Cluain Mhuire GMIT. For Reich, image is the means of expression, a superior engagement beyond the limits of words. Her work engages with the relationship between Man and animals. Reich’s joint exhibition is in Ballinasloe library 14th April 7 p.m. and will run for two weeks.
Mary Redfern is a graduate of Cluain Mhuire GMIT and is located in Oranmore. Redfern specialises in paint and mixed media. Her work is a playful engagement with colours and produces dream-like/fairytale images and challenge to viewer to construct meaning in the works. Redfern’s joint exhibition is in Ballinasloe library 14th April 7 p.m. and will run for two weeks.

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