Saturday, February 09, 2008

NewsBank's Hot Topics

Galway Public Libraries continues to offer it's library users full access to NewsBank which is a full text newspaper database, providing online access to international news articles in both broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. News articles are complemented by additional sections including obituaries, literary criticism, people, editorial pieces and book/film/art reviews. New articles are added to NewsBank on a daily basis to ensure the collection is as current as possible.

To search NewsBank simply enter the Barcode No. from the back of your Library Membership Card here. To become a Galway Library member and use this service go here

Included below are some subject areas from their topical 'Hot Topics' service:

FINE ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE - Model for the Mona Lisa Topic: A researcher at the University of Heidelberg has recently uncovered evidence that confirms the identity of the woman portrayed in Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Who is the woman? What is the evidence that was used to identify this woman?
Search Terms: Mona Lisa AND art

CIVICS, GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS - Iraq's New Flag Topic: Iraq has passed a new law which changed the design of their national flag to eradicate any vestiges of the Saddam Hussein era. What will the new flag mean to Iraqis? Will this new design help in building peace between the different political factions?
Search Terms: Iraq AND flags

LITERATURE - Margaret Truman Topic: Novelist Margaret Truman was known for many reasons. What kind of novels did Ms.Truman write? Who was Ms. Truman's father? What career did Ms. Truman have before writing novels?
Search Terms: Margaret Truman

HISTORY - Japanese Immigration to Brazil Topic: Brazil is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to their country. What are some of the contributions the immigrants have made to their new country? Is immigration good or bad for a country?
Search Terms: Brazil AND Japan AND immigration

LITERATURE - Best Sellers on Phones Topic: In Japan, cell phone novels are now considered a new literary genre and readers are spending 2 to 3 hours a day on their phones. Publishers are printing the more popular stories to keep up with the trend. Will this type of fiction delivery be good for building a new nation of readers? Do you believe the fiction will ever receive any major literary prizes?
Search Terms: cellular telephones AND fiction

HEALTH - Blood Type Change Topic: A young girl in Australia who received a liver transplant five years ago found her blood-type and immune system changing to match that of the donor. She no longer has to take the drugs that prevent her body from rejecting the new organ. Will this discovery lead to more transplants? Will organ donations increase to cover the demand?
Search Terms: Blood Types AND Transplants AND Australia

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Mercury is Shrinking Topic: The planet Mercury is shrinking in size. What is causing this? How have scientists been able to determine this?
Search Terms: Mercury AND planet


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