Saturday, January 12, 2008

To read or not to read, that is the question


Books are the most amazing beginning of freedom and brotherhood. They are a horizon of happiness of reflected light, which allows us to feel the salvation, the enlightenment that is the opposite of the trivial space of the already known thing.In the silence of the writing the lines speak to us, a new voice sounds, a regenerative one.Through literature we have the opportunity to discover a new world, a world that we never would have discovered without the power of words.
One of the most amazing prodigies of human life and of cultural life is that it is constituted by the possibility of living through other words, to feel other feelings and to have new thoughts and visions.
Literature is not just the principle and origin of intellectual freedom; it is a universe for a free world of imagination, a territory of infinite possibility.
Books are doors that nobody can close against us.
The most dangerous censorship would be if we censored ourselves and did not read anymore, because without reading, we would loose the passion of understanding the happiness of knowing.
If we get used to being nonconformist with words, we will end up by being nonconformist with the facts. Liberty does not admit any conformity.

'Literature is not just the principle and origin of intellectual freedom;
It is a universe of a free world of imagination,
A territory of infinite possibility'

Emilio Lledó

Translated and compiled by Vanessa Lafarga Kärnä
Galway Public Libraries

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